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Who I Am + What I Do

Finding a good Realtor is tough, I know - but it shouldn't be. At the end of the day, it should be less about the Realtor, and more about the system they use, how quickly they sell your home, and whether you are getting the most money that you deserve. Using a good Realtor can get you 10 to 20x more money, so it's important to use a good Realtor. That's why I'm here to not to just give you my word that I'm a good Realtor - but to show you why, step by step.

How the Home Sale System will get you more.

1. You Get More

More than just a sign and an MLS listing - you get accounting expertise, website development, professional marketing, and more

2. Sell For More

A good Realtor can sell your home for 10x or 20x more than a typical Realtor. Using our Home Sale System, you'll know exactly what you're getting, how the process works, and can be confident of a quality job to get more for your home.

3. Take Out the Risk

With a typical Realtor, you may be in the dark about what you're getting, and you may find out later that you've made the wrong choice when it's too late (lengthy exclusive Realtor agreeents, anyone?). We wanted to make sure you know exactly what you're getting and when.

4. Sell More Quickly

With a great Realtor, your home will spend less days on the market, so you can plan for your next steps rather than sitting around waiting and wondering what your Realtor is up to.

Satisfied Customers

"I loved the service. It was amazing. They really got the job done quickly and professionally. It really was less time on the market, got a lot more than I was ever expecting, and I knew exactly what was going on the whole time."

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The Home Sale System Explained

Not Just A Sign

We won't just put up a sign and put your home on the MLS, we'll make sure that you get proper marketing, professional photography, a unique phone and text hotline, full home staging and inspection + more...

A Proper Valuation - A Proper Price

Many Realtors just ballpark a number for your home value when listing - this is a mistake that can lead to you losing out on thousands of dollars and more. We use a professional, chartered accountant who uses a full valuation model to put together a proper price for your home when listing, so you know exactly what you're getting and why, and you can expect the best right from the get-go.

The Best of Online Marketing Available

Traditional methods for listing your home and getting awareness are dated and will not generate the best leads out there. With us, you will get an expert development team to build a unique website for your home, as well as experts in marketing on Google and Facebook to optimize who we are searching for as potential buyers. Generating the best leads out there means you get the best price for your home.

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Why I Started the Home Sale System.

Having gone through Realtors myself, I know the challenges that you can face when you're looking to sell your home. A lot of the time, you really don't know, or aren't shown for one reason or another, the methods that the Realtor intends to use in selling your home - you feel in the dark in many ways. I thought that there had to be a better way for my clients when I got into Real Estate.

So I started the Home Sale System with this in mind: make sure my clients not only knew exactly what they were getting, but knew that they were getting the best.

So I've put together, along with my team of a professional Chartered Accountant and web developer, a system where your home is not only marketed by traditional means, but also by the latest and greatest available. Not to mention the other value that I include in the Home Sale System, I've made sure that you are getting the full value of using a Realtor.

So don't wait and hope you're getting a good Realtor - make sure you know exactly what you're getting, and make sure you're using the Home Sale System. Get started today for absolutely free, no commitment - I'm very confident you'll be very satisfied with the service.

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