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Top 5 Modern Home Advertising Techniques

April 14, 2021

In the past, advertising your home was a lot more difficult than it is today.  Newspaper ads or magazine listings were the best method of reaching people.  Word-of-mouth was your best friend too.
Nowadays, especially with the growth of the internet on mobile phones, there are more modern home sale advertising techniques that work great.   However, they are not quite as easy as the methods of old!
This is why using people familiar with modern home sale advertising techniques is crucial in selling your home.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t really know how to take advantage of modern home sale advertising techniques.​Here are our top 5 modern advertising techniques explained for you:

1.  A Mobile Responsive Website
For those of you not familiar with the concept of ‘mobile responsive’, it means that the website is easily read on a mobile phone.  To do this, the site will probably have to look very different to the main desktop version.
This is by far the single most important modern advertising technique to sell your home.  Google recently announced that now over half of internet searches are performed on a phone.  The Realtor.ca website, which is where the vast majority of people find MLS listings, now has a mobile app that is widely used.

2.  ‘Email Capture’ Pages
You’re probably reading this email because you gave it to us in exchange for free information.  Or we added you on to our list through another method.  Well, this is actually an important advertising method!
Email is the most popular and widely used form of communication nowadays. When selling your home, you should think about ways in which you can capture buyer emails, then email them information about your home.  Examples include asking for it on your home’s website or even at an open house.
Getting that email address unlocks an easy and cheap method to send people information about your home.  Everything is about getting more buyers.

3.  An Existing Email Database
Similarly to point (2), if you can obtain an existing email database of hot buyers this will be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.  This is where using a Realtor familiar with these modern advertising techniques will be worth its weight in gold.
For example, at Royal LePage we email all listings to a database of Realtors and buyers – so your listing is put in front of thousands of people.  In the same way people ‘buy’ lists of target customers to email or call (this is why you get those annoying phone calls that always seem to interrupt your dinner), when you hire a Realtor you are also ‘hiring’ their existing database of buyer leads.

4.  Getting On Google
Most people who are unfamiliar with websites think that creating a site is the hard part.   It is not.  Getting people to that site is the most important aspect.
If you don’t set the site up correctly so that it can be found, you will just have wasted your time building it.  To rank on the first page of Google requires specialist knowledge.  This also ties in to number (1) – Google just changed their rules to ‘punish’ sites that aren’t mobile responsive and move them down their rankings.

5.  Online Paid Advertising
In addition to getting on Google, you can also take out paid advertising to promote your home.  The 3 best methods of this are Google Ads, Banner Ads and Facebook.   Through these methods, you can target and find potential buyers.

However, I would issue a warning to anyone thinking of doing this: this can be very expensive when you don’t know what you’re doing.  There is a learning curve in online paid advertising that takes quite a while.  Our advice would be to definitely seek professional help.
As you can imagine, we at the Home Sale System are experts in these 5 modern advertising techniques. They are our bread and butter, so to speak.

In fact, you may only be reading this message now because you found us online through one of these methods – now if that isn’t proof that we know our stuff, then I don’t know what is!

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