Here's What Is Included In The Home Sale System And How You Can Sell Your Home Hassle Free & For A Great Price:

Gets you $27,000 to $107,000 more

▪ Full valuation report prepared by a Chartered Accountant to give to your buyers

▪ Use value pricing instead of the old school 'market pricing' used elsewhere and imagine how it will feel to make $50,000, $100,000 or $200,000 more for your home…

Gets you $24,000 to $77,000 more

▪ A full, detailed preparation plan and checklist through to the sale date covering everything

▪ Free professional photography – including the photography trick 99% of Agents aren’t using!

▪ A free home inspection – which helps you control the situation with buyers and get in front of any issues

▪ Free staging - designed to suit your needs

▪ Part of the perfect preparation, we list your home privately for 1 week before making it public on the MLS

▪ Get massively important feedback on everything – price, staging, marketing – and feel much more comfortable and stress free when it eventually does hit the market

Gets you $44,000 to $69,000 more

▪ Your own advertising agency to design and build completely custom marketing campaigns for your home sale

▪ Custom made signs, flyers, brochures, website, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads – modern advertising that actually brings in today’s buyers and gets you a better price

▪ Part of our ad agency campaign, your home will be listed as a featured property in over 100+ local news and media outlets online

▪ Get amazing exposure for your home – and a better price – and make all your friends, family and co-workers jealous!

All Of This Is Included And More...

This system will pay for itself in that it will make you more money that the 5% commission for selling your home.

So you pay the same 5% commission as every other Real Estate Agents offers (per CBC marketplace) - and get everything included in the Home Sale System completely free.

And ultimately you'll make $95,000 to $253,000 more selling your home!

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The Home Sale System Helped These Sellers - And It Can Help You Too

“We had maybe 6 viewings until the advertising agency started… we then had 16 viewings in the next week alone!”

Our advertising agency was used to help market a home that was already listed for a while and resulted in 3x more viewings than they’d already had and - more importantly - the home selling within 2 weeks for a record price on the street

“Value pricing is amazing – I still can’t believe what my home sold for – my wife and I are still amazed by what happened…”

Using the Home Sale System, their Condo in Toronto was sold for $104,700 more than any other in the building - also to a buyer found by our advertising agency.

“Without the test run I’m not sure our house would have sold – it might still be on the market…”

After adjusting our marketing based on some buyer feedback during the 'test run', their home was sold for $77,000 more than they had expected and in time for them closing on their new home.

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