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7 Tricks For Selling Your Home

May 31, 2021

We wanted to expand on a previous article that covered this topic by focusing specifically on the aesthetics of your home.

Making your home look at its best is important. Its presenting the best image for potential buyers who can then walk through, room by room, imagining how they could live in this space. It’s obviously better to have a sparkling home for buyers imagine themselves in (even if they themselves wouldn’t upkeep it as such) than for your home to be cluttered and messy. For potential buyers, a clean home leaves a great impression and lets their sense of living in the space run wild, whereas a messier home is distracting and harder to overcome mentally.


Here are some tricks to live by when putting you home up for sale:


See things in the best light

Lighting is very important for making spaces look better. Sometimes its as easy as placing another lamp in a room, or changing the bulbs for a brighter wattage. At the end of the day, when your realtor is showing the potential buyers through the house, they will make sure that the lights are on even if its daytime, to capture the house in all of its glory.


Half Empty Closets go a Long Way

Make sure your closets aren’t full to the brim. Put some clothes and other items in storage for a time to declutter them. This gives a greater sense of space and allows these spaces to be an added selling feature to the house than if they were packed and hard to picture empty.


Take out the Pets

While your fuzzy friends are great, they can be distracting during an open house, or even downright frightening for some people who have fears of certain animals. Nothing will scare off buyers more than the schnauzer or tabby-cat straight from their nightmares.


Careful About Overdoing Home Makeovers

While home renovation projects can be a great way to see great returns on investment when selling your house, make sure not to overdo things. Personal preference is a major factor in home buying, and while a bright pink Jacuzzi in the dining room might seem like a great addition to you, to others this could be a negative when they’re considering buying. Great projects that do see returns on investment include:

  • Kitchen renovations (improving counter-tops, sinks, stove-tops, etc.)
  • Painting (fresh paint in safe colours in your spaces give them a new look and feel)
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Upgraded Flooring (hardwood for example)
  • Basement / Income Suite renovations


Remove the Personal Feeling

If you’re looking to sell, then typically you already have a new home in mind to move into next. Think of this as your FOREVERYTHING DIGITALnew home, and this current property as a business deal to be done. Taking out the personal pictures, pet toys, and so on will help when showing the house to potential buyers. They will want to be able to imagine starting a home for themselves there – having personal effects can be distracting.


Curb Appeal – First Impressions

Curb appeal is how your house looks from the outside. This can’t be said enough times about how important this is. This really is your first impression for buyers. No matter how great the inside looks, if the outside is in disrepair, it can throw the entire viewing off for a potential buyer and make the deal go south before they even step foot in the house. Making your yard and front façade look great is a step in the right direction.


Choose the Right Agent

While not exactly aesthetic, choosing the right realtor can help you throughout the entire process by making your home as sale-ready as ever. A good realtor will know exactly how to make the right changes and touches to make your home stand out above the rest.


We’re always interested in helping our clients’ homes look their best for a sale. See how we can help by filling out this quick application form. Get started here.

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