Focussed on selling so you get the best service.

Most Realtors split their time between buyers and sellers. But this multi-tasking means they are only half as good at selling as they should be.

I have dedicated all my time to selling only. That's what the Home Sale System is all about. So you get my full attention and expertise that has been completely focussed on being the best selling Realtor I can be.

I've spent years learning the tools and strategies to market your home in the best way. To get the most money for it. And spend less days on the market.

It's dedication you'll find nowhere else.

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"We sold our home for $133,000 more than any home had ever sold on our street. I think that says it all..."

Kenneth Stinson

5 / 5

With the Home Sale System you'll get...

...a lot more than a For Sale sign and a basic MLS listing. You'll get everything listed below for absolutely no extra cost than what you would be paying another Realtor for basic service.

It's the level of service that all Realtors should be providing, but that you'll only find here.

There's simply no comparison.

Typical Realtors

Basic 'For Sale' sign


Basic MLS listing


Total value: $300

The Home Sale System

Same basic work, plus


A smart listing price, audited by a Chartered Accountant


Your home featured on 150+ news sites


A Google certified expert to get your home on Google


Phone/text hotlines and websites with buyer tracking


Your home featured all across Facebook and Instragram



Professional photography and 3D virtual tour videos


Buyer email blast and tracking system


Home staging and full inspection report


Twitter, Youtube and other online premium promotions


Total value: $8,649

That's over $8,649 worth of extra value, to make sure you get the best price for your home.

These are the top, cutting edge marketing techniques being used today - I can guarantee that you won't find anyone else using them.

Best of all - I'll give you a free home sale proposal - showing exactly how the Home Sale System works and how I'll use the techniques listed above to sell your home for top dollar.

All it takes is 90 seconds to apply at the button below.

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A Real Estate service that's worth it.

You get to finally see the value you deserve from your Realtor. It's something that I really take a lot of pride in.

I set out to change the perception of Realtors by providing a much improved service that includes top marketing using all of the tools and strategies available today. And by teaming up with other professionals - at no extra cost to you.

Jason Douglas Gray

Jason Douglas Gray

Founder of the Home Sale System

Let's Talk About That All Important Word: Commission.

Some people obsess about commission. But it really means nothing - if I can sell your home at over 8% more than anyone else. If I can do that, my service pays for itself - right?

Here's an example of what this looks like and how it means you can end up with as much as $14,925 more with our Home Sale System.

Typical Realtors at 2%

  • $500,000

  • $10,000

  • $490,000

The Home Sale System

  • $531,500

  • $26,575

  • $504,925


You Keep


That's $14,925 more cash in your pocket - using our system - based on the example numbers above.

How does this work?

Because I give you $8,649 in extra value, you get more high quality prospective buyers, which results in a higher selling price - meaning that my commission goes a lot further for you.

Commission doesn't matter - we will make sure that you walk away with more money in your pocket.

Get started by applying for your free Home Sale Proposal - where I'll show you exactly how I am able to get you more money like the example above...

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A service dedicated to you.

Give the service a try - the Home Sale System track record speaks for itself: selling homes for 7% higher than the Toronto Real Estate average, and selling within 8 days on the market.

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