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Fixtures – But what comes with the house?

October 31, 2020

It’s a common question from home buyers when it comes to fixtures: “Does it come with the house?” This could be anything from a lighting fixture, to the washer and dryer, to even shelves in the garage.


When selling your house, your realtor will make sure that all of the larger items in your house are covered when listing and talking with buyers. But its important that you go through and make sure anything you want to stay – everything from a basketball hoop, to a portable backyard shed – is addressed. This will ensure your realtor can answer any questions from potential buyers when they take a look at your home.


Be prepared that potential buyers may say no to certain items on their offer. Certain large items in your home may not be ideal for some home buyers. It’s important to consider this may be an option for when you move. Discuss this with your realtor to better understand any options you may have for fixtures.

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