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The Inside Truth About For Sale Signs

September 20, 2020

Even in today’s technological age, home sale signs still play an important role in selling your home for the best price.

However, most signs are actually pretty terrible and don’t really help with selling your home.  This is due to an insider secret that I will reveal to you today.


I’m sure that you have probably come across a sign like this before:

Selling Your Home

A ridiculously large number of For Sale signs in the GTA look like this. No offence is intended to the Realtor in question – they are just doing what everyone else does.

But have you ever wondered ‘how exactly is this helping to sell my home?

Well Ill let you in on the dirty little Real Estate secret:

It Isn’t. This sign is basically just a free advert for the realtor and real estate brokerage.

They are effectively using the sign to plug the fact that they are the ones selling your home and others should use them too.

Why do you think these signs stay up AFTER your home has sold with a new addition of ‘sold’ or even ‘sold above asking’?

The answer is that the Realtor is really plugging how amazing they and their Real Estate Agency are.

So what should a GOOD for sale sign look like? Here is something similar to what we use for the Home Sale System:

How To Sell Your Home

Why is this better? There are a number of reasons:

  • Potential buyers have 4 ways to request the information they need. Buyers generally care about 3 things when they see a for sale sign – what type of home is it, whats the price and what is the size?
  • When a buyer calls or texts, we capture their cell phone – this means we can follow up with them later.
  • The buyer avoids confrontation. That cheesy photo of the realtor actually stops buyers from requesting information – they dont want to call and get a sales pitch. With our sign we make it clear that there is no confrontation.
  • It’s easy for someone driving by to quickly get the information they want.
  • The focus is fully on your home – not the realtor or real estate agency.

The best part: these signs get hundreds more potential buyers. And the more potential buyers you have, the greater the chance that you get top dollar for your home.



So, the for sale sign – if used correctly – can still be a powerful tool in getting the best price for your home.

At the Home Sale System we only use data driven tools and techniques, like this, to help you get top dollar for your home.

No cheesy pictures of realtors.


Get your free home sale proposal in just 90 seconds at: http://www.HomeSaleSystem.com/Apply-Now

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