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Home Score

A free home score let's you know how ready your home is for selling on a scale of 100.

So you can better identify what repairs and work you can do to make sure you get the maximum price.

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A home score is a new concept that has proven to show home sellers exactly where they can improve their home when putting it up for sale.

Your Home Score lets you:

Have a clear checklist of where your home is ready, and where it could be improved

Receive feedback from a home sale professional

Know exactly where to improve your home to get more money

Feel confident when you put your home up for sale - that you are the best position you could be in

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People across the GTA agree, the Home Score is a proven new way to ensure your home is 100% ready for sale.

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Find Out My Home Score For Free

Failing To Ready Your House For Sale Can Cost You Upwards Of $20,000

Fortunately, this mistake is easy to avoid.

With a free Home Score, you can see exactly what home improvements will get you more money on your home sale.

This is crazy:

For many repairs and renovations, every $1 you put in can have a $5 return.

That means, if you end up spending $4000, you could get $20,000 more for your home.

The Home Score is the easiest way for you to identify which areas of your home could be improved to fetch you the most money for your sale.

Don't Leave Money On The Table...
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How Does It Work?

It's incredibly easy:

Start with an effortless 40 second application

We'll prepare a preliminary home valuation based on your neighbourhood

A home selling specialist will arrange a time with you to come and perform a home walk-through and determine your Home Score

Your Home Score will clearly identify where you could improve your home as your ready it for sale

It's that simple!

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