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Home Showing Tips

August 30, 2016

Home Showing Tips

This is it.

The icing to your cake.

The moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you decide to sell your home.

The price is right, the marketing is going well, and you watch with enthusiasm as the response started coming: the home buyers are coming!

It’s now time to take your marketing to the next level: house showings.

How are you preparing for it? You’ve inspected, checked and cleaned your house thoroughly. You made sure everything’s in place, or if they’re not, in the most ideal place to be shown. Showings are, after all, the chance to impress the home buyers by flaunting everything your house has.
Now relax.  We’ve got you covered.  Here are our top tips for Home Showings:

1.  Create A Great Smell

Serve some freshly baked cookies or muffins.  Nothing says ‘home’ to people like the smell of fresh baking.  As a bonus, this will mask your personal smells or any odors in your house that could put potential buyers off.

2.  Get Personal

As you move throughout the house, pay special attention to objects that created some memories during your stay. Things like “My father does this beautiful carving when he was 18” will add some personal note to your home.

You should also sell the fact that this home was loved because people equate ‘loved’ with ‘well maintained’.

FOREVERYTHING DIGITAL3.  Create The Right Environment

You want some elements on your house to be insignificant enough to provide a comfortable environment. Make sure the house is well aired and lighted by opening windows (during possible weathers) and positioning all the coverings to show maximum sunlight.

A dark house, especially when it’s a big house, will create the effect of gloom and depression; not exactly the kind of house you’d buy.

During those times when you’re forced to keep all your windows shut, make sure the air inside your house is in good, clean condition.

4.  Ditch The Pets/Kids!

Having a pet around is highly discouraged. With that said, make sure the kids are gone too!

No matter how well behaved they (both pets and kids!) are, or how much the home buyers may love them, it’s not a good idea to bring out your animal. Who knows what kind of behaviour they can suddenly break into in front of your guests!

5.  Go For A Walk

If you are using an agent to show your house you should absolutely not be there during the showing.  In fact, using an agent is advantageous as home buyers tend to feel like intruders when they’re checking details of a house with its owners watching.

If you’ve done all your preparation, home showings should be easy.  You should have covered everything off by then.  At the Home Sale System, we know home showings are the easiest part of the deal as we’ve got the home staged, the home inspection sorted, the home has been well marketed and people are already aware of what they’re getting before stepping in the door.

Managing buyer expectations – both before and during the home showing is crucial in home sales.  Good luck on the day!


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