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  • The 'Test Run' System

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Questions About Property Valuations & This Free Presentation

What steps are involved in selling my own home?

This will be discussed in detail but in a nutshell: preparation - pricing and listing are the 3 key steps. The big one is preparation. You honestly cannot start the preparation for selling your home fast or quickly enough. 95% of the work done selling your house is done in the preparation stage - the listing is only pushed live when everything is completely ready.

Who are you & how can you help me sell my property?

I coach and train Real Estate Agents and Realtors as to how to advertise and sell homes properly. You'll get some of the teachings I've used to do over $300M in real estate deals completely free as part of this webinar / presentation! This is stuff that I charge Realtors thousands of dollars for - you're going to get it for free for a limited time only.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

Typically real estate commissions in Ontario are 5% - as evidenced by a recent CBC Marketplace survey which found nearly all Agents interviewed charged this commission. You should ensure that you're getting a return on investment (ROI) on this money - that the Agent is actually going to sell your home for more than 5% of what you could have got selling it yourself.

What about cash offers for homes?

Cash offers for homes and selling houses directly to investors is becoming increasingly more popular. The catch is always that you're unlikely to get the same price as you would through a 'traditional' sale - this is the price you pay for the convenience of a cash offer for your home.  

How fast / quickly can I sell my house?

That really depends on how much value and price you want to give up. You could sell your home for cash - which would involve giving up the most money. Or sell your home fast through a normal listing - by reducing the price slightly. A good Agent may even be able to sell your home quickly without you having to leave any money on the table.  

What questions should I ask a Realtor / Agent?

This will be discussed in detail in the free presentation. Many sellers are focused around asking questions on previous sales - but this is the wrong strategy. You want to find out the Realtor's marketing plans, examples of their marketing, pricing strategy, preparation strategy and more. Be wary of Real Estate Agents who talk a good game but can't back it up.  

Is now a good time to sell my home?

What you'll probably find is that there is never the 'perfect' time to sell your property. Many homeowners can get stuck up on trying to time things perfectly and it's not the most important thing. A well marketing, listed and presented home can sell for top dollar at any time.  

Can you sell a home online?

Yes and no. In reality, the vast majority of advertising and marketing a home should be done online - this is something that is discussed in the free presentation in detail. However, very few buyers are actually willing to buy a home without seeing it - so selling a property completely online is still quite rare.

What about Condos & Townhouses?

Everything discussed in the free presentation also applies to selling your Condo or selling your townhouse. The principles of selling a property are the same - regardless of the property type - and these 3 simple hacks apply to Condos & Townhouses as well.  

Should I sell my home as is?

Of course you should - your home sale should be done in a manner that makes you the most comfortable and anyone working with you to sell your home should be able to adapt and adjust to the state of it and get the best possible price for the 'as is' version of your home.

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