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"Using the 3rd step alone, I made over $77,000 more selling my home"

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  • The $107,000 Pricing Mistake

    You'll see how this one simple mistake cost a recent home seller $107,000 (and how to avoid it).

  • The Surprising Truth About 'For Sale' Signs

    And how you'll never look at them the same again after seeing this...

  • How To Sell Your Home For 0% Commission

    Yes, you did read that right - you'll find out how in this free presentation!
  • Under Staging vs Over Staging

    Just what exactly is the right amount of staging to get the best price? You'll find out.

  • The 1 Bad Photo That Can Ruin Your Sale

    And how to avoid this mistake and ruin your chances of selling your home.

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About The Presenter

I'm Mich Sneddon and I coach and train Real Estate Agents.

I looked at the $300M of real estate deals I've been involved in and what it is that makes homes sell for the very best prices (and in the least amount of time) - and I spotted 3 things in common.

For the first time ever, I'm going to reveal the 3 step process that all the homes that sell for top prices go through - so you can follow them for your home too.


Questions About Selling Your Home That Will Be Answered In This Free Presentation:

What steps are involved in selling my own home?

What about cash offers for homes?

How much does it cost to sell a house?

What questions should I ask a Realtor / Agent?

How fast / quickly can I sell my house?

Is now a good time to sell my home?

Can you sell a home online?

Should I sell my home first or buy a new home first?

Should I sell my home as is?

What fixes are best to make before selling?

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