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Fewer days on the market means more money for your home.

The Home Sale System has a great record with an average of 8 days on the market.

You'll see exactly how it works and where you get extra value to sell your home fast. Read more below.

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How would you like to sell your home in 8 days or less?

That's the average time a property with the Home Sale System has spent on the market.

With proven techniques, I'll show you exactly how to sell your home fast without compromising on price. That's just part of the extra value you get.

You get a system with a proven track record. Every home sold with the Home Sale System has:

On average, sold at 108% of the asking price.

On average, spent only 8 days on the market.

Appeared as a 'Featured Property' on over 150+ news and media sites.

Jason Douglas Gray

Jason Douglas Gray

Realtor and Founder of the Home Sale System

We use techniques to sell your home fast that no-one else is using

We use unique marketing channels to get potential buyers that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

I spent years learning from the best marketers in the world - and created the Home Sale System with what I learned.

This system uses an online focused strategy in order to get your home in front of buyers quickly - so that we can ultimately sell your home fast.

More than just a for sale sign

When you choose to sell with the Home Sale System you get a lot more than a basic MLS listing and a for sale sign.

I made sure to include a lot of unique strategies and tools based on countless hours of research in marketing and seeing what other industries were doing better.

What has resulted is a lot of extra value - over $8,649 worth of services at no extra cost.

All dedicated to sell your home fast.

There's simply no comparison.

Typical Realtors

Basic 'For Sale' sign


Basic MLS listing


Total value: $300

The Home Sale System

Same basic work, plus


A smart listing price, audited by a Chartered Accountant


Your home featured on 150+ news sites


A Google certified expert to get your home on Google


Phone/text hotlines and websites with buyer tracking


Your home featured all across Facebook and Instragram



Professional photography and 3D virtual tour videos


Buyer email blast and tracking system


Home staging and full inspection report


Twitter, Youtube and other online premium promotions


Total value: $8,649

That's over $8,649 worth of extra value, to make sure you get the best price for your home.

These are the top, cutting edge marketing techniques being used today - I can guarantee that you won't find anyone else using them.

Best of all - I'll give you a free home sale proposal - showing exactly how the Home Sale System works and how I'll use the techniques listed above to sell your home for top dollar.

All it takes is 90 seconds to apply at the button below.

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"We sold our home for $133,000 more than any home had ever sold on our street. I think that says it all..."

Kenneth Stinson

5 / 5

It is my goal to sell your home as fast as possible...

Selling your home can bring a lot of pressure. And when it comes to getting a great price, time is everything.

That's why I'm absolutely dedicated to selling your home in the shortest time possible, without compromising on price.

Because when you have the right strategies and tools like the Home Sale System does, you don't have to compromise on price.

Below is more detail on exactly what you'll be getting with the Home Sale System.

Chartered Accountant Verified Listing Price - So You Know You're Getting The Right Price

Choosing the right price is key. You want to attract the right buyers by not pricing either too high or too low.

That's why I turn to the help of professional Chartered Accountant, at no extra cost to you. He spends time with the particulars of your home, neighbourhood, and other factors to determine a SMART listing price.

The listing price you get with most Realtors is a shot in the dark. But that's not the case with the Home Sale System. Your home is priced to maximize your sale price AND to sell your home fast.

Valuation Report

Your Home Shown On 150+ Media and News Sites - To Get More Interest

The Home Sale System uses my media connections to guarantee that your home will get featured on hundreds of news and media sites.

This generates a lot of interest in your home, which means a lot of potential buyers.

And more potential buyers means selling your home fast.

...And We Get Your Home Prominently Featured On Google Too

Because we are official, certified Google Partners - we can get your fast prominently featured and in front of fast buyers on Google.

Google Partner

But we also have experts who know how to get your home prominently featured on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube - all the biggest websites online where you can find thousands of buyers.

By getting your fast featured across 150+ news sites and all the major online websites, you'll get a lot more exposure. Meaning more buyers.

And getting more interested buyers is how we sell your fast faster and for more money.

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And there's even more - all dedicated to selling your home fast...

You'll get a free Home Sale Proposal which outlines exactly how the system explained above works to sell your home fast.

All you have to do is apply below - it's free to apply, takes less than 90 seconds, and there's absolutely no commitment.

Professional photography and 3D virtual tour video.

Full home staging.

A complete fast inspection.

Extra value

We'll Show You Exactly How All Of This Works For Free

We'll send you a free Home Sale Proposal - showing exactly how the system outlined above will work to sell your fast for more money.

All it takes is 90 seconds of your time to apply at the button below.

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"We sold our home for $133,000 more than any home had ever sold on our street. I think that says it all..."

Kenneth Stinson

5 / 5

This is a unique service dedicated to selling your home fast

You won't find all of the techniques and strategies of the Home Sale System anywhere else

By now, you've read about all of the extra value you're getting with the Home Sale System, but I want to show you all that you're getting in one concise graphic. So you can see exactly all of the savings you're getting.

More value, over $8,649 worth of extra service. It's the service you should always be getting. But it's only found here.

Let's Talk About That All Important Word: Commission.

Some people obsess about commission. But it really means nothing - if I can sell your home at over 8% more than anyone else. If I can do that, my service pays for itself - right?

Here's an example of what this looks like and how it means you can end up with as much as $14,925 more with our Home Sale System.

Typical Realtors at 2%

  • $500,000

  • $10,000

  • $490,000

The Home Sale System

  • $531,500

  • $26,575

  • $504,925


You Keep


That's $14,925 more cash in your pocket - using our system - based on the example numbers above.

How does this work?

Because I give you $8,649 in extra value, you get more high quality prospective buyers, which results in a higher selling price - meaning that my commission goes a lot further for you.

Commission doesn't matter - we will make sure that you walk away with more money in your pocket.

Get started by applying for your free Home Sale Proposal - where I'll show you exactly how I am able to get you more money like the example above...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the question to reveal the answer.

The Home Sale System is a system of techniques and strategies that are specifically focussed on selling your home.

Where other Realtors tend to split their time between buying and selling services, we focus all of our attention on selling. Through this focus we've perfected the way that we approach selling and use proven methods to sell faster and for more money.

Of course. Anyone looking to sell their home is eligible. The value of your home does not matter to me - it's all about selling your home in quickly and getting you the highest price possible for your home value.

Yes, we are fully licensed and regulated ourselves. It is illegal for us to use or share your information for any other purposes.

That's why I'm here - to guide you throughout the whole process and let you know what is going on while providing expert service. Once you have me on board, you can stop worrying about any of the steps. We'll work together and I will show you step by step at the beginning of exactly how we will sell your house quickly and for top dollar.

I will serve anywhere in the GTA. I wanted to provide the service to as many people as possible - by covering the whole of the GTA (including Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, and surrounding areas) I can help more and more people like you.

The Home Sale System is just that: a system. It can be applied anywhere, in any market. I'm lucky enough to call the GTA my home though, and that's where I focus my expertise.

As with most agents, I am commission based, so this all depends on the sale price of your home. But as shown above, commission really doesn't matter if I can get you more money for your home.

You can walk away with more money by going with the Home Sale System.

What's more, is you get a lot of extra value - over $8,649 of extra value - that no other agents are providing.

You can get your free proposal by clicking the button below.

Get my free home sale proposal

Or if you wanted to get started right away, I will deliver your home sale proposal in person and begin the next steps of selling your home. I just need to know where you are, and a bit about your home, which you can fill out in my 90 second application form here.

As soon as you apply, I get started right away. You'll get a phone call and/or email from me and as soon as you're ready to take the next step, I begin the Home Sale System process. That's when you'll really start to see all the value your getting.

Our track record speaks for itself. Every home sold using the Home Sale System has sold in 8 days or less.

You can find out more right here on how the Home Sale System is tailored to sell your home fast.

There could be a number of reasons why your home isn't selling, but we can assure you that you haven't tried everything to get it sold.

The Home Sale System is built to sell where others can't - we use a number of techniques and strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

Is your home not selling with your current approach? Try a proven system by applying today.

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