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Walkable Communities For Sale

January 11, 2015

More and more people are considering how walkable their community may be when considering a home. And this can be a great feature that is often overlooked when selling your home.


Walkable communities are just what they sound like – being able to walk to do errands, to the store, to work, and easy access to public transportation to get around the city all factor into making a community walkable. As cities become more congested with traffic, people are turning to looking for homes that allow them to be within reach of all the amenities they use or enjoy regularly that cities often provide.


There is such a growing preference for walkable communities that many buyers are willing to downsize to live in them. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors has found that 79% of respondents (3000 adults in the fifty largest metro areas in the U.S.) said it was important that their new location be within walking distance of places such as shops and parks.


FOREVERYTHING DIGITALMany homes on the MLS now feature a walking score, which is an indication to potential buyers how walkable the potential community is. The score is based on a number of factors, including closeness to public transportation, parks, shops, and so on.


This is something to consider if you are selling your home in the downtown core especially. Having a walkable community may allow you, for instance, to leverage your home size and reach a larger number of potential buyers who otherwise would be looking for a larger home.


Not in the downtown core? Well, walkable communities aren’t the make and break for a home sale. This factor is more important to millennials compared to Generation Xers or Baby Boomers especially (NAR, 2015). Its just something to consider when featuring your home and putting it in the best light. Which of course, a good realtor will make sure to reinforce when your home is listed!

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